Event Spotlight: Audio Visual for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical conferences: Hard Sets, Video & Lighting.

Recently a top client of ours tasked us with the audio visual production of their annual pharmaceutical conference. They knew they wanted something special and needed help settling on a design, We were up to the challenge.

We immediately set out to look through tons of our event photos for inspiration and sent the best ones to our client. Once they settled on a select few we used our pre-visualization program and sent our client various renderings and looks based on what they liked. After a few revisions we settled on something we all liked.

The Final design was a combination of a hard set backdrop behind the stage with their conference branding printed on and a 16:9 center screen built in which would be used for IMAG.

Because the hard set was so dynamic it needed to be lit just right, we wanted to take advantage of all the dynamic angles and shapes in the wall so light placement was key. We decided on LED wall washer bars to light the hard set from the ground and LED par cans to light it from above. We also employed moving lights to place some breakup patterns on the wall for a very dynamic look.

Flanking the center stage to the left and right would be two large 16:9 screens for video content and slides. Behind the screens is a wall of grey velour drape to finish the look.

We opted for the grey drape instead of the typical black because we knew we wanted a lighter look and feel for the conference and grey just catches the up lighting beautifully.

Another goal of ours was to keep the floor clear of any production equipment and because of that we opted to fly our HD projectors and stage lights on truss from the ceilings.

The client was very pleased with the final look and they received nothing but compliments from the attendees and speakers.

See photos below.


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